Who should sign up for this online fashion course?

Our online fashion course for Adobe Illustrator is perfect for Beginners, Students and Professionals.

If you are a Beginner: Learning to use the computer program Adobe Illustrator is an important skill needed to land a job as a designer. This online course is great even if you are a complete beginner. You can work through the lessons as slow or as fast as you need.

If you are a Student: Our course is a great supplement to your current curriculum. Some designs schools only offer a limited amount of Adobe Illustrator courses and in many cases don’t leave you proficient enough to perform on the job.

If you are a Professional: Already working in the fashion industry? Keeping up to date on your skills is important. Brush up on things you may have learned in the past or gain computer skills you just never got around to learning.Learning Illustrator allows you to keep your job options flexible.