Testimonials from past & present students ranging from beginners to industry professionals.


  • "I have not been comfortable with the pen tool and have dreaded using it, but your videos were fantastic and made me see exactly how I needed to use it. As I continued to use the tool with each demo I got more confidence and realized how much easier the pen tool is than I realized." Kristin S. Designer
  • "Just right for a busy schedule.  I was able to dedicate just a little time a week and now a feel confident in my Illustrator skills!" Priscilla R. Aspiring Designer
  • "Learning this info helped me stay relevant in today's industry. I totally boosted my confidence in Illustrator."  Jessica M. Technical Designer
  • "It taught me so many techniques that were so helpful to making my own drawings look so much better. I loved learning about brushes and making things like zippers- it's already taking my drawings to another level." Lee C. Pattern Maker
  • "I like listening to the videos and reading. I tried the Adobe Illustrator trial course a few months back and didn't get much out of it. I've learned way more in your class already and I've only been at it a week!"  Shawn P. Assistant Designer
  • "Being able to learn online was way better than any class that I have taken. The videos allowed me to rewind whenever I needed and no long travel times!" Micah B. Fashion Entrepreneur
  • "Learning online is particularly effective when you have a busy schedule which allowed me to learn at in my spare time when everyone in my home was asleep!" Isabella N. Children's wear Designer
  • "I loved how the content was organized.  Following the videos in order provided a specific course to really give me the skills I needed to build my portfolio" Mona S. Production Manager neur
  • "Specialized just for our industry. Loved that I didn't have to sort through thousands of useless videos."  Lauren S. Sportswear Designer
  • "Easy to use. Concise and right to the point. I also really appreciate how the site is organized and there is a clear course path to follow. "  Garth J.-Menswear Designer
  • "The videos were very easy to follow along to, and worked really nicely as a learning tool. Being able to go back to the videos and see the process on my own made this process simple and fun." Kendel M. Sportswear Designer
  • "I am very impressed with The Fashion Professor. It is a great tool! I typically spent a couple hours a week and was able to learn this program in no time at all." Eileen C. Accessory Designer


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