Raglan Sleeve vs Saddle Sleeve


Fashion Battle!

You are probably familiar with the term Raglan Sleeve but did you know there is a variation of that type of sleeve called an Epaulette or more commonly called the Saddle Sleeve. In case you didn’t know here are the sleeve definitions:

  • Raglan – A sleeve that is connected by a diagonal seam that extends from the neckline to the underarm.
  • Epaulette / Saddle – A type of raglan sleeve that is joined with a seam that is curved near the underarm and then is parallel to the shoulder.

The term epaulette is also used for a type of decorative trim located on the shoulder of a garment. To learn more about other types of sleeves, garments and more check out our Fashion Picture Dictionary mobile app The Fashion Picture Dictionary available for download in the App Store for iPhone and iPad and in the Google Play store for Android.

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