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Our Adobe Illustrator Online Fashion Course was developed by an industry veteran, Dinna Soliman, who also teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

This specially targeted curriculum has provided training to thousands of students who have gone on to work for companies such as John Varvatos, H&M, Jones Apparel Group, Donna Karan and more.


Our online program allows you to study fashion design from anywhere in the world. We are so happy to have students from every corner of the globe including Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, The Middle East, South America, Africa and all over the United States,

Dinna currently works as a design consultant and offers her extensive knowledge and expertise to start-ups and established brands a like. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City she went on to become a design director and merchandiser for several global brands. Dinna also teaches several classes at her alma mater and applies the same level of instruction and professionalism that is found in these online tutorials.



Our course is perfect for Beginners, Students & Professionals.

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Our online fashion tutorials provide necessary Industry Skills for Fashion Designers, Technical Designers and Graphic Designers!






They are crucial in today’s world to communicate designs effectively.  Designers and technical designers should know how to complete a full tech pack accurately from stitching to hardware to specifications. Adobe Illustrator is a great tool to create techpack templates and complete them.






Creating garment flats in Illustrator is essential in the industry. Used for techpacks, presentations, line sheets etc. Learn the tools necessary to do this effectively.






Custom swatches are easy to create in Illustrator.  We will discuss stripes, plaids and simple & complex repeat patterns.  Use these to fill you garment or to stand on their own.






Brushes are essentials for creating all types of fashion elements.  We will review how to make a coverstitch brush and a zipper brush.  With these tools you can then create lots of brushes to suit your needs.






Discover the easy to use text tool and alignment options to create professional linesheets; an essential tool needed to outline your products and their details.






Using text, images and vector drawings, you can create mood boards for your clients or internal company use without having to switch to Photoshop or Indesign.



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What our members say:

  • "I am very impressed with The Fashion Professor. It is a great tool! I typically spent a couple hours a week and was able to learn this program in no time at all." Eileen C. Accessory Designer
  • "Learning online is particularly effective when you have a busy schedule which allowed me to learn at in my spare time when everyone in my home was asleep!" Isabella N. Children's wear Designer
  • "I like listening to the videos and reading. I tried the Adobe Illustrator trial course a few months back and didn't get much out of it. I've learned way more in your class already and I've only been at it a week!"  Shawn P. Assistant Designer
  • "The videos were very easy to follow along to, and worked really nicely as a learning tool. Being able to go back to the videos and see the process on my own made this process simple and fun." Kendel M. Sportswear Designer
  • "Specialized just for our industry. Loved that I didn't have to sort through thousands of useless videos."  Lauren S. Sportswear Designer
  • "I loved how the content was organized.  Following the videos in order provided a specific course to really give me the skills I needed to build my portfolio" Mona S. Production Manager neur