What’s a Linesheet?

A line sheet is an overview of your fashion collection with all the necessary information for a store buyer to purchase your product. Some necessary information needed on your Linesheet:
    • Season
    • Delivery Date
    • Contact Info
    • Style number
    • Prices
    • Size ranges
    • Colorways
    • Description
and of course the SKETCHES (or photos).
Some things to consider:
  • Sketches allow you to show all colorways available even if they are not made up into samples. You can still indicate this information while using photos but some people cannot imagine what a style would look like in a different color.
  • When using photos, you need to have all the samples made and photographed which sometimes takes more time than you have. You may find yourself with a need to print line sheets for a tradeshow while still waiting to receive the last of your samples.
  • Sketches provide a level of discretion. Some people prefer to give out line sheets with sketches because photographs of beautiful styles can be more easily knocked-off.
Optional information to add to your Linesheet:
  • Manufacturers suggested retail price
  • Order Minimums (sometimes in the form of a dollar amount or a # of pcs min.)
  • Style name- easier to refer to than a number and fun too!
Here is another great post about fashion linesheets: http://startupfashion.com/create-line-sheet