What’s a Look Book?

A fashion lookbook shows images of your collection and tells a visual story of that particular season and gives an overall sense of our brand’s image.  You can photograph your garments on a model, mannequin, laid out flat or what ever create way you can think of. There are no real rules but having the garment on a model or mannequin helps give the buyer an idea of how the garment actually fits.
  • Its always great to have a digital version of your look book so you don’t have to spend tons of money on printing but http://www.mypublisher.com is a great resource for printing inexpensive and beautiful hard copies.
  • Keeping one hard copy around for trade shows and the showroom is a nice impressive selling tool.
Here is an example of a look book from the women’s collection DONUTS. Click here or on the image for the full PDF.
You can also see an example from our friends at Perry & Washington.  This version serves a dual purpose, part look book, part line sheet. Click here or on the image for the full PDF.