What is a Garment Techpack?


Techpacks are a crucial part of the fashion industry. They are the ‘blueprints’ for your garment or accessory that is needed to bring your product from concept to creation. Creating techpacks is a necessary part of a fashion designer or technical designer’s job and is usually a skill that is requested when you are looking for a job in the industry.


Techpacks are used to communicate your designs effectively to the factories to make your design into a ‘1st sample’ (basically the 1st prototype of your garment). Fashion techpacks outline every element of the garment including the fabric, stitching, hardware, measurements and more.

Adobe Illustrator is a great tool that is used in the fashion industry to create techpacks.


Below you can see an overview of the Techpack Sections available on our site.



In Section 4 we will discuss what a Techpack is, set up a blank techpack template and color a garment that we can use to fill out the techpack in Section 5. Total time for Section 4 is 24:18 minutes.
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In Section 5 we will learn more about what goes in a Techpack and complete a full Techpack. We will use the files we created in Section 4, the Techpack Template and The Coat in its 2 colorways. Total time for Section 5 is 24:31 minutes.
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