The Besom Pocket


One little pocket, so many names. I am sure you have all seen this type of pocket. It is referred to as a Besom pocket, a Bound pocket, a Jetted pocket and even a Double Welt pocket. I personally use the term Besom pocket.

What ever you call it, it is a type of slash pocket that has both edges of the opening finished with binding. The binding can come in various widths. It can also come in a curved variation which is know as a Half-moon or a Curved Jetted.

When there is a tab in the middle held down with a button (or sometimes even a snap) it is known as a Besom with Tab.




A Welt pocket is similar to the Besom because it is a type of slash pocket but it has a narrow flap that stands upwards which as you guessed it, comes in many variations (big, small, diagonal) and of course they all have different names.

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