Now Available! Textile Pattern Lessons!

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LESSON 6 – INTRODUCTION: In Section 6 we will learn how to create basic geometric patterns, how to recolor your patterns and how to apply your patterns including scaling, rotating and moving. We will also learn how to create a weave to compliment your pattern. The total time for Section 6 is 25 minutes.

LESSON 7 – INTRODUCTION: In Section 7 we will learn several functions to create this paisley repeat pattern. You can apply these same ideas to create your own design. The total time for Section 7 is 29.87 minutes.

COMING SOON – LESSON 8: Creating Raster Patterns / Textures!

In Section 8 we will learn how to use raster images, such as jpeg and gifs, to create pattern swatches, texture, placement prints and more. Stay tuned!

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