5 Tips to Starting your Own Fashion Brand

Designing great styles is one thing. Developing a Fashion Brand is another. Here are 5 Tips to consider when starting your own fashion brand.


1. Before you start a brand you should be able to answer these questions:
What makes your product so special?
Why should anyone spend their hard earned money on your designs?
What problem are you solving in the market place? Are you filling a void in the market?

2. Know your customer. Getting to know your customer is integral. Where do they live? Where do they shop? How much to they spend? What are their favorite brands? How much money do they make? I can go on and on. Basically you need to know your customer inside and out to be able to determine how to best serve them.

3. Know your market. Determine you place in the market and how you will fair in the future.
Who are you competitors today? How is your industry changing? Will your current product offering do well in other regions? i.e. If you are currently selling your product in New York, how will that same product do if you want to expand to the Midwest?

4. Develop your niche. What are you best at and what will you be know for. Starting small and carving out your niche will help you set yourself apart from the rest and build credibility and perfect your craft.

5. Get help. You can’t do it alone. Lets be honest, being a great designer does not always mean you are a great business manager. Even if you are good at both design and business will you really have the time to do EVERYTHING? Figure out which parts of the business you will outsource or hire staff (whether its full-time or part-time) to help you with. Maybe its accounting, pattern-making?

Take your time and answer these questions thoroughly and you will on your way to developing a great fashion brand.