Who should sign up for our online Adobe Illustrator course for Fashion?

We get asked this question all the time. The short answer is our course is great for Beginners, Students and Fashion Professionals a like.

Now for the long answer.



If you are you new to the fashion world and don’t have any experience with using Adobe Illustrator, you have no need to worry. Our course is self-paced allowing you to work through the lessons as slow or as fast as you need. Learning to use the computer program Adobe Illustrator is an important skill needed to land a job as a designer and it can actually be a lot of fun!




Are you enrolled in a design school or program? Our course is a great supplement to your current curriculum. With so many important skills to learn like sewing, draping and pattern making some design schools only offer a limited amount of Adobe Illustrator courses leaving many students not proficient enough to perform certain tasks once they are ready to join the workforce.

We have many members of our site that are enrolled in a college that use our course to help reinforce skills that they are currently learning and gain additional skills that might not be covered in their school’s program.

We even have many recent design school graduates that sign up for our course realizing that they need more computer skills to actually land the internship or job they want.




If you are already working in the fashion industry you must know how important it is to keep up to date on your computer skills. We have a lot of members of our site who want to brush up on things they may have learned in the past or become faster and more efficient at their current job.

In addition, there are many designers who are used to having their assistants do all the computer work that they just never got around to learning it themselves.

Learning Illustrator allows you to keep your job options flexible. Maybe you are looking to transition from a fashion merchandising position into a fashion design or product development position. We also have many pattern makers taking our course to broaden their capabilities to transition to a technical design position.